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A new mirror in the hall of your home

Do you like to make changes to the space around you? Start with accessories that will quickly change the old room. We offer original mirrors with additional functions that will surprise you. Thanks to continuous improvement of the production process and many years of experience in the industry, we can offer you the highest quality products with virtually unlimited modification possibilities. Each mirror is handmade to individual customer orders, which guarantees its uniqueness and adaptation to specific needs.

Round or rectangular? Decorative mirror for the hall

If you want a softer, more organic look, roundLED mirrorsare a good choice. They can also soften the sharp angles and lines of your decor, for example if you have a lot of angular furniture. Mirrors for the hallwith rounded shapes may be an ideal solution if you want to create a more non-standard hall decor. Do you want a more minimalist and elegant design? Check out our offer and find a decorative mirror perfect for you. They will certainly be easier to match with other elements of the hall's design, e.g. furniture or lighting.

Custom-made mirror in the hall

The hall is a place , where a vertical mirror is usually placed to be able to see yourself from head to toe. The height of the hall mirror should be at least 140-150 cm and the width should be at least 50 cm. However, a better choice will be a mirror that is 80-90 cm wider. To visually enlarge the hall, it is worth placing a large mirror in it, which will create the impression of a much larger room. A mirror surface is a simple way to optically increase the size of a room and reflect the light entering it. Select the dimensions of the mirror in the configuration panel and enjoy its non-standard appearance.

The best lighting system for a hall mirror

LED mirrors vertical gives you many possibilities for personalization thanks to various lighting options. You can choose to have the light fall on a selected part of the product or uniform illumination of the mirror all around, which is the most popular among our customers. There are also options for lighting the sides or selected edges such as the top and sides. Thanks to this, you have full freedom of adjustment, thanks to whichthe mirror backlightwill look elegant.

Where to place the mirror in the hall?

Are you wondering where your new LED mirror will look best? Most often, they are mounted on the side wall near the entrance to the apartment. A popular location is the wall behind the door, but a door stop should be used to prevent the door handle from hitting the mirror. If you have unlimited arrangement possibilities, you will surely find the perfect place that will highlight the magnificence of the LED-lit mirror.

Vertical or horizontal mirror?

When choosing the shape and orientation of the mirror, take into account where it will be hung and what functions it is to perform. A horizontal mirror for the hall will work best above a chest of drawers or under a wide decorative shelf where you leave your keys. On the wardrobe, just like in the hall, it is worth hanging a vertical mirror that will allow you to see your entire figure. In small, narrow rooms, these mirrors can help visually enlarge the space.

AmbientLine Collection

Mirrors from the AmbientLine collection are distinguished by their unique appearance and high quality aesthetics. Their rectangular shape and lighting make them appear larger visually. The main feature of these mirrors is the scattered light in the back, which creates an atmospheric atmosphere. The light source is not directed directly at the user, which makes this collection ideal for people who prefer subtle and pleasant lighting.

PremiumLine Collection

The PremiumLine collection offers hallway mirrors in various orientations - both vertical and horizontal. High-quality mirrors have been designed in such a way that the lighting focuses on the person standing in front of it, making daily care rituals even easier and more comfortable. The innovative solutions used enable the light to be focused on the mirror user, which ensures the highest level of comfort of use.

Decor Collection

Hallway mirrors The Decor collection is a combination of functionality and the highest quality aesthetics. Mirrors from this collection will appeal to lovers of original interior design solutions. Mirror decorations from the Decor series are not only functional, but also artistic, which attracts the attention of guests and adds originality to the interior. In addition to the unusual pattern, the veneer protects the mirror against moisture and damage. Choose a modern approach to interior design and add a unique character to your home thanks to the Decor collection.

Andes Collection

The ergonomic design of the mirror with hangers is a practical solution for your hall. Additionally, the product has many editing options to match the style of your room. In our offer you will find a hall mirror with an elegant and modern style that will add sophistication to your interior. The mirror is equipped with pendants that allow you to conveniently store your hat, keys, jacket, jacket or other items. In addition, three hooks are mounted on the mirror, which further increase its functionality. An additional hall cabinet will certainly increase the comfort of storing small accessories.

Equipment that increases the usefulness of the mirror in the hall

When deciding to buy a mirror for the hall, invest in the additional option of a weather panel and an LED clock. These two features can be extremely helpful on a daily basis. Simple but impressive-looking clock displays and more advanced stations allow you to check weather trends. Thanks to this, you will be prepared for any weather conditions when leaving your home. We provide three options for controlling the LCD display: by touch, application or panel located on the back of the mirror.

Hallway mirrors - frequently asked questions

At what height should you hang a mirror in the hall?

Hang the hall mirror at eye level, this way it captures the entire silhouette on the opposite side. A good idea are larger mirrors for the hall, which will allow you to freely change your wardrobe and match accessories to your clothes. Modern mirrors for the hall with backlight serve as an additional source of light and provide the highest comfort of use for all household members.

How to decorate a mirror in the hall?

A hall mirror can also be an independent element of decoration. Artforma's hall mirrors have been supplemented with an LED lighting panel that will thoroughly illuminate your entire figure. Moreover, the accessory creates a delicate glow on the wall around the mirror. The light coming from the mirror will introduce a unique atmosphere into the hall and complement the main lighting. As an alternative option, you can also choose a decorative mirror model in a decorative frame that matches the colors of the room.

What mirror should you choose for the hall?

The perfect mirror for the hall is one that allows you to see your entire figure before leaving the house. You can choose from a vertical mirror that will fit on a narrow and high wall or above a shoe cabinet. For a small room, choose a round mirror, which, combined with delicate LED light, will make the interior lighter and visually enlarge it. In turn, large mirrors for the hall will optically balance the shape of a narrow room and allow all family members to use them comfortably.

How to illuminate a mirror in the hall?

If you want to thoroughly illuminate the hall mirror, choose ceiling lamps or wall curtain rods with an intense light color. An attractive alternative to traditional lighting methods are LED mirrors, available from Artforma. In the store you will find mirrors with different light colors - warm, neutral and cold, as well as sensor or touch light switches. The lighting panel is placed along the entire edge of the mirror or in its selected part.

Where to buy a hall mirror?

At Artform, you can choose from many models of mirrors in the shape of a rectangle, circle, with decorative frames or in a minimalist form suited to modern arrangements. Hallway mirrors were created with attention to detail using the latest technological solutions. The hall mirror from Artforma is a product that will help you relax in the gentle light, and additional accessories will take your moments of relaxation to a higher level.

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