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Decorative mirrors for the living room

ModernLED mirrorsare a unique wall decoration that does not have to be used in the bathroom or hall. Mirror decorations are increasingly used in living rooms, e.g. Decorative mirrors for the living roomArtforma means the assurance of high-quality material and functionality that facilitates everyday use of the mirror. Choose one of the living room mirror models and enjoy the new look of your space. Go crazy with its shape and change the arrangement in your home. Each ordered mirror is handmade and individually tailored to the customer's needs, which ensures originality and a perfect fit to their requirements.

The most popular models of decorative mirrors

Our assortment includes both modern decorative mirrorsas well as classic ones. Proper use of glass panes in living rooms brings many benefits. Mirrors visually enlarge rooms and add lightness to them. Mirror decorations are a great idea to let more light into the room. However, the role of mirrors does not end with the practical aspect - a framed mirror can also be a decorative element that enriches the space and gives it character. Choose one of the popular models of a living room mirror in an irregular shape or with a colorful surface.

Living room mirror – where to hang it?

Common rooms spending time with family are characterized by a fairly well-established arrangement. To break the classic design of the living room, it is worth purchasing a mirror that can have many uses. A living room mirror will look best on a wall without other wall decorations. Then the mirror effect will be more noticeable. Mirrors will work great above cabinets. If you want to add some elegance to the room, choose a mirror above the chest of drawers.

Mirror for the living room as a dressing table

Possession dressing tables are extremely convenient for every woman who likes to take care of her appearance. If you have a dressing table but lack a well-lit mirror, we recommend choosing a mirror from our collection. Thanks to special lighting, you will be able to apply your daily makeup precisely and with pleasure. Additional options for equipping the mirror will come in handy when you need to obtain a closer image. Lighting will increase the comfort of your work in front of the mirror, and not only in the bathroom - just buy a simple desk and an illuminated Artforma mirror.

LED mirror - lighting that will change your space

A mirror with lighting is a practical and decorative element of interior design, especially in minimalist arrangements. Thanks to its functionality and aesthetics, it can be a distinctive point of a given space. Additional mirror lighting will give the room character and make it more friendly and cozy. An LED mirror with lighting may be the perfect choice for people who value simplicity, minimalism and elegance. If you decide to place mirrors in the living room, you can expect that the interior will be beautifully illuminated.

Decorative mirrors for the living roommade to measure

One of the The most important factor for customers is the ability to adjust the dimensions of the mirror to individual needs. Each apartment has different room layouts, which is why we offer our clients a custom-made decorative mirror. Thanks to this, you can adjust the width and height of the mirror to the specific place where it is to be located. We offer various sizes and types of mirror panes, which allows for a perfect match to the style and space needs. Find out what dimensions of the mirror will best fit your interior

Round mirror for the living room

Round-shaped mirrors are widely popular due to their versatility and availability in many interior design styles. Their use does not have to be limited only to fulfilling a practical function, i.e. the ability to control the appearance of the room, but it can also be a decoration of the entire room. Moreover, thanks to the optical enlargement of space and reflection of light, round mirrors are an excellent choice if you want to illuminate the interior. Mirrors in round frames on a strip fit perfectly into Scandinavian and loft-style interiors. They can be hung on the wall with photo frames or photos, creating an original art gallery.

A rectangular mirror above the chest of drawers

They can be hung either in orientation vertically and horizontally, which allows them to be adapted to the space on the wall and other elements of the equipment. A horizontally hung mirror will work great above a chest of drawers, while a vertically hung mirror will be an additional interior decoration and will allow you to assess your entire figure. Rectangular mirrors are also an ideal decorative element in industrial-style rooms. An interesting solution is to place a rectangular mirror in a vertical position opposite the window. Thanks to this, it will imitate additional glazing giving the impression of transparency.

Decor Collection

Decorative mirrors for the living room from the Decor collection are a unique proposition for those who are looking for real arrangement gems. Decor products are distinguished by a colorful frame that you can choose from a range of ready-made patterns. You will find among them: avant-garde geometric motifs and slightly more delicate forms. We are sure that you will definitely choose something for yourself. Decorative mirrors for the living roomfrom the Decor collection are examples of wall decorations in good taste.

Choose the switch for the LED mirror

In each Artforma mirror, you can additionally select the backlight switch. We offer two variants to choose from. The first one is a touch switch, which is a traditional way of turning on the mirror lighting in the living room. The second one is a sensor switch, which is a much more convenient way to turn on the mirror with the movement of one hand. Each button variant can be placed in the central part at the bottom, along the frame or on its left side. Which option would you choose for yourself?

Mirrors for the living room - frequently asked questions

Mirror or picture in living room?

When arranging the living room, remember about accessories that will positively affect the appearance of your room. One of the most frequently chosen options is a large painting on the main wall. However, an equally interesting alternative to graphics or canvas is a living room mirror. Mirrors for the living room allow you to visually enlarge a small interior, and when hung opposite the window, they effectively brighten it. In a large living room, you can use frames to connect a picture with a mirror. For decoration, you can use lighting elements that will brighten your reflection and the room you are in.

How to choose a mirror for the living room?

Mirrors for the living room should match the overall style of your room. Their size depends on the size of the living room and other decorations on the wall. The popular living room mirror has a rectangular shape - you can hang it above the sofa or above a chest of drawers with books. If you choose a mirror with LED lighting, you will gain an additional source of light in your place of relaxation.

Mirror in the living room - at what height should it be hung?

A mirror for the living room should be placed in a place where you have easy access and, equally importantly, where you can clearly see the entire figure of the household members. You can place a large, rectangular mirror with LED backlight above the sofa. An accessory hanging on a narrow wall will even out the proportions in the living room. You can hang a tall and elongated mirror on a free wall between the windows. This is a great way to take advantage of natural light while trying on the whole figure.

Where to buy a mirror for the living room?

Modern mirrors for the living room with the use of technological innovations can be found in Artforma's offer. In the multifunctional living room mirror, you can adjust the intensity and type of light, and the decorative LED lighting panel will create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. The store's offer includes circular mirrors and rectangular models. You can choose a decorative frame for your mirrors that will decorate your interior in an original way, adding style and unique elegance.

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