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Mirrors Horizontal

Horizontal mirrors can be used in many rooms, such as in the bathroom above the sink, in the bedroom or living room above the dresser, or in a narrow hallway to visually enlarge the space. Artforma guarantees a variety of available LED horizontal mirror designs, allowing you to choose a mirror that perfectly fits the arrangement of your interior.
Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Mirror Shape - Rectangular ✖
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Mirror Shape - Oval ✖
Mirror Shape - Irregular ✖
Line - AmbientLine ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
Line - Decor ✖
Line - Coloured ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top and bottom of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the sides of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top of the mirror ✖
Mirror orientation - Horizontal ✖

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Design a mirror for your interior

Are you undergoing a major refurbishment of your home and are looking for high-quality decorative mirrors? You couldn't have made a better choice. Our collection includes as many as 120 mirror models. We offer various variants of mirror shapes, starting from oval and rectangular, ending with vertical and horizontal ones. We are a leading manufacturer of custom-made LED illuminated mirrors. Check out our offer and design the mirror you have dreamed of. In our panel, you can freely configure the mirror you need.

LED lighting in the mirror

For the mirror to fulfill all its functions, it is best if it is also backlit. A mirror with LED lighting meets not only decorative but also practical requirements. Thanks to the additional light, makeup will be much faster to apply. Horizontal mirrors are very popular due to their usefulness. You can successfully hang them in the bathroom or in the bedroom above the chest of drawers. However, remember to save some space on the wall, because such a mirror looks best when exposed.

Horizontal mirror lighting system

When choosing horizontal wall mirror, you can adjust the light pattern to your preferences. There is an option to choose to illuminate only a selected part of the mirror, which allows you to achieve an interesting lighting effect. Lighting around the mirror provides a uniform beam of light on both sides, which is the most frequently chosen option by our customers. Another variant is lighting on the sides or on selected edges, such as the top and sides. Thanks to such a variety of options, you can personalize the mirror to your interior.

Light color - which one do you choose?

In the mirror configuration panel, you can choose the light color according to individual taste. The most often recommended is a neutral shade, which works well in almost every apartment, regardless of the color of the furniture and the color of the walls. If you prefer warmer shades, you will also find something for yourself. Warm white LED lighting with a power of 3000K will certainly be gentler on children's eyes. In the case of cooler colors, we suggest choosing: cold white LED lighting with a power of 7000K or cold white LED lighting from the well-known manufacturer Philips with higher lighting power and diode life.

Custom-made decorative mirrors

Nothing pleases customers more than the ability to adjust the dimensions of the mirror. We know how different the layout of rooms can be in developer housing investments. That is why we meet the expectations of our customers. You can adjust the custom-made decorative mirror in terms of its width and height. The availability of various sizes and types of mirror panes allows for a perfect fit to individual needs and style of the apartment. Check what dimensions best suit your interior.

Horizontal mirror on the wall - for which room?

Horizontal mirrors require more space for them hanging. They will work best in larger bathrooms. An interesting solution is to hang a mirror across the entire width of the wall. Don't give up on your dreams of having a magnificent mirror with good lighting. If you want to place a horizontal mirror in the bedroom, it is best to arrange it above a chest of drawers or a desk. A feminine dressing table with an elegant mirror will decorate your interior and impress your guests.

Horizontal mirror from the Ambient Line collection

Our assortment includeshorizontal mirrorsassigned to the collection. The AmbientLine series is characterized by the fact that the light rays fall directly on the wall and do not illuminate the user's face. This is certainly a slightly more delicate and subtle solution. If you don't like bright light, the horizontal mirror LED AmbientLine will be perfect for you. The advantage of this backlight is creating a really atmospheric mood.

Horizontal mirror from the PremiumLine collection

Another collection of mirrors includes models whose lighting is focused on the person standing in front of the mirror. Mirror decorations have been carefully designed to provide ideal conditions for everyday care activities, such as makeup or shaving. Horizontal mirrors from this collection ensure maximum comfort during use. You can choose from copper, black, white, gold and silver decors.

Horizontal mirror from the Colorful collection

Horizontal mirrors with the option of an additional color of the glass, it is an elegant and functional addition that suits any type of interior. The ability to choose your favorite color allows you to match the mirror to your individual needs and the style of the room. The offer includes various colors of the panes, including gold and graphite. The mirror can be successfully used in various rooms, such as a bathroom, bedroom, hall or living room. It is easy to install and maintain on a daily basis.

SMART functions

Check out the possibilities of horizontal mirrorsSMART. This is a completely modern form of mirror decoration in which you can choose the IOS system. Operate your device in the LED mirror exactly like you would on your iPhone! The control is performed using an integrated, wireless mouse from the renowned Logitech company. Do you prefer to choose SmartPanel by Samsung? Manage all apps available in the Play Store. SmartScreen Google is the third option that supports Chromecast 4 applications.

Horizontal mirrors - additional equipment

To ensure better comfort during everyday care activities, we have developed also a cosmetic mirror and a speaker for the set. We guarantee high sound quality and an unforgettable aesthetic experience. Our offer also includes glass shelves with chrome handles, which will perfectly complement your horizontal mirror and provide you with convenient storage of cosmetics. The shelves are available in various sizes, adapted to the size of the mirror and other elements that limit the surface of the glass. Choose a special heating mat, thanks to which the steam disappears quickly and the image in the mirror remains clear.

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