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Mirrors Hanging

Check out the offer of hanging mirrors on a leather strap from Artforma! Hanging a mirror on a strap is an original solution that is not only very practical but also visually striking. The unusual appearance and easy installation are the main advantages of products in this category. LED hanging mirrors will give your interior a unique charm and become a source of additional lighting.
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Type of room - Hall ✖
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Mirror Shape - Round ✖
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LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖

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Hanging mirrors - comfort and quality in your apartment

It's hard to imagine a well-designed apartment without a mirror - a hanging mirror is one of the most important pieces of equipment, having a positive impact on the attractiveness of the room and making other accessories better exposed. Large mirrors hanging in a small bathroom make the room seem optically larger and at the same time even out its proportions. A well-matched mirror for the hall in a block of flats or a single-family house will complement the original arrangement, allow you to comfortably engage in everyday activities and allow you to relax comfortably after an intense day full of excitement.

Round hanging mirrors are the most popular type of mirrors, found both in small, narrow and difficult-to-arrange interiors, as well as in spacious rooms where mirrors are combined with richly decorated walls, decorative wall tiles or artistic decorations. You can conveniently combine them with modern paintings, hang them surrounded by green plants or place them near bathroom cabinets that will allow you to organize the space well. Wall mirrors can be an independent wall decoration - then they look elegant on smooth surfaces, matte tiles or with wooden panels, which may be of interest to fans of the boho style and nature lovers.

In a well-designed bathroom, a suspended mirror fills the corners that are most difficult to fit, so it is worth hanging it on a wall in the attic or in a bedroom with slopes. If you place them in front of the entrance door, it will provide even greater depth and will effectively reflect daylight in a bathroom without windows. Hanging mirrors with lighting are a way to save space, especially in a small interior where wise planning of virtually every smallest detail is important.

Hanging LED mirrors – style in your dream bathroom

Hanging mirrors with lighting are a new category of practical bathroom products that combine the features of a classic bathroom mirror and an additional source of lighting. If you choose the LED hanging mirror version, with a wide panel on each edge of the mirror, you will gain intense lighting that can successfully replace a standard ceiling lamp. Wall mirrors fit any type of bathroom - both small and spacious, with windows, where there is enough light every day.

A well-designed hall requires a properly matched mirror. LED hanging mirrors from the Artforma store will look interesting in a modern-style room with high-gloss or modern-style furniture. You can place hanging mirrors with lighting on the wall in an industrial-style living room - they will combine atmospherically with furniture in black, brown or silver colors, as well as steel, brass or black bathroom fittings in the toilet. In a small or narrow bathroom, it is worth choosing a mirror hanging on the entire wall.

Large hanging mirrors are the best choice for a hall, where the mirror will balance the proportions of an interior that is too long or very high. They will certainly be useful when dressing or changing clothes, to make it more convenient to look at yourself and feel elegant in your favorite clothes. You can place a round mirror hanging in the hall or above the sofa in the living room, instead of a classic painting or a bookcase. Wall mirrors will also work well in a children's room, so that your little one can look at their reflection and learn even better about the world around them. A hung mirror in the bedroom will be useful when it also serves as a dressing room, with a spacious wardrobe for clothes and accessories. A hanging mirror properly matched to the room is a guarantee that you will create a functional space in your apartment.

Hanging mirrors with lighting – modernity at your fingertips

Hanging LED mirrors available in the Artforma store are a unique proposition addressed to demanding customers looking for a bit of luxury. Their functionality and modern solutions make everyday hygiene activities a pleasure and take place in a unique atmosphere. It is worth hanging large hanging mirrors above the washbasin cabinet, placing them near the shelf with make-up cosmetics or near the shower cabin. A mirror in a round or oval shape will harmoniously combine with geometric forms, such as a rectangular wardrobe, a square shelf for towels or an elongated shelf for small items.

Hanging mirrors with lighting from Artforma provide the highest comfort of use - our offer includes mirror models in the shape of a circle, square or rectangle, in various sizes and with a number of useful accessories. Each of them can be supplemented with a lighting panel located on one of the sides of the mirror or at all of its ends. LED lighting will be useful primarily in a small bathroom or a room where there is no space for classic lighting. You can choose from products with a very decorative, wide frame or minimalist models that blend seamlessly into a richly decorated wall.

Designer mirrors from Artforma can serve as a home multimedia station, as they allow you to play your favorite music or radio thanks to the built-in Bluetooth transmitter. You can also install an additional weather station in each mirror, choose the option with a watch or a practical heating mat that prevents excessive evaporation. For perfume lovers, the manufacturer has prepared a convenient glass shelf for cosmetics, which will work well in the bathroom or hall. Customers can also use a foldable makeup mirror - all these elements make using the Artoforma mirror a real pleasure. Do you want your bathroom or living room to have a relaxing atmosphere? You can choose the light intensity and its colors - from cold, through neutral, to warm, to get the optimally furnished apartment of your dreams.

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