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Frameless LED mirrors

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Mirrors without a frame

A mirror without a frameis more than just a practical element of interior design. It is also a perfect decoration that can add style and elegance to the room, not only focusing on the mirror frame. Modern models available on the market offer not only various functions, but also various shapes and patterns that suit any arrangement style.

A frameless mirroris particularly useful in small rooms, where lack of space may be a problem. By properly positioning the mirror, you can achieve the effect of optically enlarging the space by reflecting light. Moreover,frameless mirrorsare very universal and match any arrangement style, which means they can be used in various rooms, such as a living room, bedroom, bathroom or hall.

Mirrors not only visually enlarge the space, but also increase the amount of light in the room by reflecting rays. Thanks to this, they can give the interior a bright and pleasant atmosphere. In addition, decorative mirrors are attractive decorative elements that enrich the style of the arrangement and enhance its elegant character.

Mirrors with classic shapes, i.e. rectangular and round mirrors without a frame.

Mirrors without a frame are undoubtedly one of the elements of interior decoration that no longer has a purely utilitarian function. Modern models of frameless mirrors are currently a very important decorative element of interiors. They offer many application possibilities and will fit almost any arrangement. In the architecture itself, mirrors perform three basic functions: they allow illumination of dark spaces without the need to install a window or skylight, they optically enlarge the spaces, and they also make them cozier thanks to elegant decorations that completely change the appearance of the interior. And although there are plenty of mirror shapes on the market, the most popular are still rectangular and round ones.

Rectangular mirrors are one of the most frequently used types of mirrors, which is due to their simple yet universal design. characterized by a perpendicular form. Their versatility makes them a perfect fit for various types of interiors, regardless of style - from classic to modern. Rectangularframeless mirrorsare available in many sizes, which allows them to be adapted to different rooms. The largest models, which occupy the entire wall, optically enlarge the space and add character to it, while smaller models work great in small niches or on furniture, fulfilling both a decorative and practical function. Moreover, designers, not focusing onthe mirror frame, often pay more attention to giving classic types of mirrors an exceptionally decorative character.

Round mirrors are another elegant and stylish decorative addition that introduces interior a soft and cozy accent. Their rounded shape stands out against the simple lines of furniture and accessories, giving the room a stylish character. Round mirrors are very versatile and fit into various types of interiors - from traditional to modern. Thanks to their unusual shape, they are perfect for those who want to add an original and unique accent to their interior.

Round frameless mirrors are available in various sizes, which allows you to choose the model that fits perfectly into a specific interior. They are also available in a variety of colors: from traditional silver to more original shades such as gold or copper. The choice of mirror color can be matched to the color of the entire room or choose a contrasting color that will attract attention.

Smart mirrors - is it worth having them in your home?

If However, if you love modernity and value a mirror without a frame, then smart mirrors are for you. This is a great solution that combines functionality with smart home technology. Thanks to this, you can use many practical functions that make your everyday life easier. One of the most important advantages of smart mirrors is the ability to use popular streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify or Tidal. Now, while taking a bath or getting ready for work, you can enjoy your favorite music or watch interesting movies and series using a smart mirror.

Smart mirrorsoffer many additional functions, such as the ability to adjust the color of the light or a built-in heating system that prevents the glass from evaporating. With the help of this technology, you can easily illuminate both the bathroom and other rooms. Such aframeless mirrorwill work perfectly in any arrangement, not only the modern one. This type of mirrors are practical, but also aesthetic, and their modern design and elegant finishes make them fit into modern and minimalist interiors, regardless of the purpose and decor of the room itself. In the evening, however, these mirrors will successfully create the right atmosphere, depending on the color of light you choose.

Since it is not worth focusing solely on the mirror frame when choosing the right model, it is good to also pay attention to technical aspects, such as power supply and connection. DC powered mirrors require adequate power sources and space for cables. For battery-powered mirrors, you need to pay attention to the battery power. Installation also requires attention - it must be adapted to the thickness and distance of the mirror from the wall. The color and color of the light emitted by the mirror are also important for the user, especially in the dining room.

Mirror without a frame - the best one can be found at Artforma

Artforma is an online store offering exclusive and decorative mirrors with LED backlight, perfect for the dining room. Our offer includes mirrors of various sizes and shapes, which you will surely match to your interior, adding character and coziness to it. All our models are made of the highest quality materials and are characterized by high functionality. A convenient rocker switch allows you to easily turn the lights on and off, which further increases their usability. If you are looking for modern solutions, our mirrors will meet all your expectations.

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