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Backlit round mirrors 50cm

Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Type of room - Hall ✖
Type of room - Living room ✖
Mirror Shape - Round ✖
Line - AmbientLine ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
Line - Mirrors Hanging ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖

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Round mirrors 50 cm

Round mirrors 50 cm are an ideal solution for a small bathroom or a narrow corridor. Thanks to their small size, circular mirrors will fit in the hall and will help you create a successful arrangement in a small hall. 50 cm round mirrors can be successfully combined with a minimalist dressing table and fit into the space of a room dominated by classic colors of walls and furniture. A well-matched mirror will make your bathroom or living room optically larger and your apartment even more functional. The round mirror combines attractively with oval and round details, as well as equipment made of raw wood, concrete or metal.

Round LED mirrors create a successful replacement for classic lighting in the bathroom. They fit both loft-style, modern and glamorous bathrooms. Combined with rectangular shapes and minimalist furniture, they warm up the interior and make it easier to maintain harmony in the arrangement. Round illuminated mirrors are the answer to the needs of all household members when you want to comfortably apply precise makeup or perform evening hygiene treatments. The lighting panel can replace a classic lamp above the mirror, which will work well in narrow and difficult-to-arrange rooms. You can choose any light color, match your favorite accessories and create a comfort zone in the bathroom. Round Round bathroom mirrors will add a pinch of luxury to the room and allow you to take full advantage of the charms of your apartment.

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